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My name is Anna

I have been working in the beauty industry since 2014. For many years I create fresh and relevant images for my clients.
I prepare people for photo and video shoots. I work on the set as a stylist, accompanying the shooting. I help prepare artists and show ballets for performance. As well as assembling teams of beauty artists for major projects.
I am a speaker of Nikon School.



In fact, there are many more!


My view

Beauty means something different to everyone.

For some, it’s an early morning, sun-drenched, clean face without a hint of makeup, a combed eyebrow, and frizzy hair. For others, it’s flawless makeup for a business meeting and a signed contract. Someone will meet his dream at dinner in a light cocktail dress, with voluminous curls and gloss on the lips.

We are all united by the moment… the moment here and now.

I’ve been creating images for your moments for eight years now. I believe that makeup helps my clients achieve their goals. With makeup, I can make the look more determined or softer, more mysterious or bolder. For me, it’s a life-long endeavor.

Over the years I have developed a team. Photographers, videographers, stylists, makeup artists, hairstylists, producers. All of these people, professionals of their craft, honed in many successful projects. I am very proud that together we can create turnkey images for you and implement any ideas.


Daytime Makeup

Daytime Makeup


Image for the photo shoot

An image that fits the theme of your shoot. From family to meaningful to just for yourself.

Even tone with the density of coverage you desire, accent contouring. Eye or lip makeup according to the purpose of the photo session.

60-80 min

Evening Makeup

Evening Makeup


For special occasions

Expressive and lasting makeup is created with your image in mind. Can be supplemented with false eyelashes if desired

45 min.

Business image

Business image


Makeup and styling

The image for a business meeting or photo shoot will help in achieving your goals and give you confidence.

1 hour



The images I created

Доктор Анна Негм

Контент съёмка для стилиста Нины Манжаровой

Татьяна и яблоневый цвет

Дарина. Яблоневый цвет 2022.


I thank fate for my friendship and cooperation with you, Anya, a talented and sincere Person and a versatile beauty industry professional!

Vlada PechorskayaExpert, producer and director of event and show projects. Managing partner of the international modeling agency.

The only selfies on my phone with your makeup, Annyut)))
Makeup from Anechka is when you see yourself as beautiful, not someone else's.

Ekaterina LapinskayaPsychoanalyst

Anna is just a magician! Always thinking about the image, the tone, the mood of the shoot. From the first meeting it feels like we've known each other for 1000 years and every stroke is just for me, just the way I am. By some miracle Anya remembers every image and never repeats it!

Zlata MalunovaManaging partner of the private law company ``Verno``

Анна работает четко, мягко и деликатно обращается с тканями лица и волосами. А ``стрелка``- четко, ровно, тонко и по самому контуру ресничного края. Образ получился яркий, но естественный, макияж и локоны держались до самого вечера.

Анна Суворковадерматолог

Anya! Thank you not only as a great master, but also as an amazing organizer of large-scale Beauty-events! Your thoroughness, structure, clarity and punctuality evokes the most positive emotions! I'm always glad to meet you!

Tina YarongovaStylist

Anyuta, thank you so much for the makeup! All at the top! Where necessary - highlighted the advantages, where no need to remove flaws, and voila, as a result, I'm beautiful, refreshed, rejuvenated and slimmed down! And enjoy myself all day long)

Xenia ShekkThe photographer

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